E3992M 1996 1997 Chevy Tahoe - GMC Yukon (E3932M)

nineteen ninety seven Chevy Tahoe determine fuel pump is all day on this particular vehicle before we begin the repair will now disconnect the negative battery I need to believe the pressure of the system always reassuring capture any fuel it to bleed off into a safe container our raise the vehicle in order to gain access to the fuel thing got it right here your filler hose %HESITATION there is two lines actually tanks come from the filler neck actually coming directly from filler neck and the other on this particular vehicle pain access fuel lines and at the front of the vehicle and many missions line as a quick connect then at the fuel pump itself or the Caroline in the near term on %HESITATION pressure line on this particular one three eight return on five sixteen and it does require to sever stolid hill we are measuring and outside of the tank clean to keep any debris from possible phone into the tank your maturity the brass ring on fire so we don't create a spark because we are working with you on an open air at because it's a model type of family that plastic cans you'll and when you remove the popped out of the tank captured much of that possible and keep it safely away from any at this point we need to drain the remaining fuel into safe container and then clean the inside of the tank no measures thank as clean as possible to allow a clean environment once you get the new Palm for our movie and with the time take to the modulus and the tape also on the farm is a protective rate caps falls into the sending units sell physically dealing on the top of the tank there though not actually sent also there is a location tab on the bottom of the land they have to match up in the tank about halfway in the tank your place your ceiling raining and it's group I think you're locking ring move it into position start blocking regenerate that's retainer clips we need to make sure the lock hearing is good flat if you don't get a good seal possibility and the second thank once we get it up slowing plug in electric on the fuel lines when you get right in song need to be sure physically here and feel they lock in the %HESITATION also when you're raising the tank you need to be sure that you don't get them frame or king in anyway no compromise line itself attach the negative battery terminal once the pumps install your pressure gauge still a vehicle psychology two to three times that charges the fuel system part is in the air out of the store quickly go and start the vehicle check your pressure gauge makers within the to remove the gauge shut the engine off and bring the pressure from the system using their pressure relief on the game making sure to cap for a fuel in a safe container