Schrader EZ-Sensor

I'm Kevin Tate she with Jackie from Schrader performance as hers Kevin I'm here to talk about shares new single skew easy censor the autumn inventory solution to TPM us this new single skew easy sensor part number thirty three five hundred allows a shot to give its customers the benefit of an %HESITATION equality sensor with the ease of only keeping once you an inventory you'll always have the right part right away this unit combines a three fourteen point nine megahertz three fifteen megahertz and four hundred thirty three megahertz into one T. PMS sensor and it's only quality traders new single skew easy censor comes in both clamp in and snap in options and it's quick and easy to program in less than ten seconds using the make model and year of the vehicle being serviced it's programmable with many popular diagnostic tools found in today's marketplace and this amazing small mechanical package allows a sensor to finish two more aftermarket wheels these these centers a programmable sensor not a multi protocol sensor with easy sensor you don't have to add skews to accommodate new applications plus it's infinitely scalable to stay up to date with new applications as well as new impending %HESITATION we technology by our location is is answers and %HESITATION equality part many of its competitors are not in summary traders new single skew easy sensor dramatically reduces inventory requirements and provide speed and accuracy when servicing T. PMS equipped vehicles I'm Kevin tastes see when this out