What to Remember When Installing the GFA80026 or GFA8607 Duralast Gold Ball Joint

Mhm. This door last gold ball joint requires a special installation procedure to prevent tight steering. Often known as memory steer vehicles. Using this type of ball joint utilize a camber caster sleeve where the upper ball joint attaches to the vehicle before disassembling the suspension. It's important to mark the position of the camber caster sleeve to maintain your alignment settings once removed, the camper castor sleeve must be inspected and cleaned prior to assembly to ensure smooth steering operation and to prevent premature failure, reinstall the sleeve in its original position and make sure it moves freely in the axle. If the sleeve is damaged, it must be replaced before continuing the installation. Proper installation requires a specific torque sequence. Follow the tightening sequence of the upper and lower ball joints in these three steps to prevent binding, first tighten the lower ball joint to 45 ft pounds. Next tighten the upper ball joint to 70 ft pounds. Finally tighten the lower ball joint to its final torque of 150 ft lb.