How to Install Dorman Clock Spring

how to install Dorman's clocks spring repair solution Dorman's kit in Abel's replacement of your field clock spring without having to replace the entire in column wiring harness warning specific skills and training are needed to see if we service airbag systems failure to properly follow the procedures in this video could result in serious injury before you start please closely followed the steps before beginning the installation disconnect the negative battery terminal wait five minutes to ensure the airbag has been de energized finally ground yourself by touching metal before beginning the repair first remove the steering wheel airbag cover from the steering wheel disconnect the connectors located on the backside of the airbag assembly next loosen and remove the steering wheel retaining that then use a steering wheel polar to remove the wheel from the caller with a non marring tool remove the steering column covers now remove the snap ring you pull the clocks spring out work next install of wire segregated clip a half inch from the clocks spring with a small flathead screwdriver pry the cover tabs off from the clocks spring then begin to dislodge the connector bundles from the clocks were remove the orange bands from the wire bundles now peel the ribbon connector from the wire bundles position the new clocks spring with the curved surface of the connector channel matches insert the wire bundles into the matching color channels for proper functionality next install the cover starting with the Middle screw position the clocks spring in reinstall the snap ring on to the caller to finish the installation replaced the steering wheel cover remove form stop clip in reinstall steering wheel remember to test we'll excess re controls indenture airbag light is off to complete the installation