How to Replace Shocks and Struts in a Chrysler 300 2005 - 2010

today we're covering the installation of a loaded strut assembly install these duralast loaded strut assemblies of two thousand five Chrysler three hundred and we're gonna install shocks in the rear for complete suspension job with a little extra simply you don't have to take the assembly part to get to the strike is said of taking the old assembly out than removing just the spring from the stress you get to put in this whole new assembly so new strut mount insulator das boot you call spring and the strut itself with the lotus show somebody that's all in one piece may do this job at home with hand tools for this job you'll need a mallet half inch breaker bar four branch you can borrow this from autism loan it half inch ratchet three eight suspected thirteen millimeters socket sixteen millimeters socket eighty millimeter do sockets socket extender six millimeter Allen wrench twenty one millimeter ranch ninety millimeter inch eighty millimeter ranch fifty millimeter rage and the ten millimeter ranch also gonna need a screwdriver crescent wrench and of course safety gloves goggles and we will be raising the car here so we'll need a hydraulic Jack Jack stands I also want to use a rust patron like E. blast this car has a wheel lock she to the wheel lock should be in your vehicle just attached to the socket and break the lug nuts with the socket and break apart the Jack up the car Jack standards you're part of the frame and load the car onto what's he got off we're going to get a few things up the way before removing the stratus and first disconnect upper sway bar links will no pressure there we can remove the product from the lower strata hammer and possibly a punch to get it out no loose the wheel speed sensor and make sure the line a slack remove the upper ball joint not next please mail it to separate the upper ball joint loose from the spindle many to six millimeter Allen wrench to prevent this from spending the upper control arm will be under some tension so carefully lower the knuckle after it separate noble under the hood and thirteen millimeters socket with a three eights extends to remove the three upper struck now not extension will help you write your more freely and avoid having your hands up in the other parts carefully push down on the knuckles and remove the stress now because we're using it duralast lotus struts simply we're just going to install the whole new assembly where the old one line up the new nuts at the top to the existing circle pattern and use the ratchet with the extension to type towards better this is twenty four one of the bottom of the assembly and started late again help from a screwdriver to line up the holes tighten the lower bowl towards back for the four hundred thirty but perhaps reconnect the sway bar links type to register tightness ten millimeter and a twenty one now connect the upper control arm ball joint back to not you want to have the not already in your hand when making this connection Allen wrench and a wrench to tighten the upper control arm ball torque spec for this is thirty five foot pounds plus a ninety degree turn resets the wheel speed sensor and that's the real what not to or from the wheels is a hundred and ten pounds our feet on the other side ready to move to the install Jack up the car movie we'll follow the same steps we outlined earlier just on the appropriate we'll the shock comes out pretty simply use an eighty millimeter deep socket and a fifteen monitor branch to loosen the bottom ball and remove it use the sixty millimeter socket with an extension to loosen and remove the to tell all with down of a shock to compress it and it'll slide right out the need to switch out the dust cover shock now before you can put on the new shock hold down the top of the shocking crescent wrench them loose in the once it's off remove the shock mount and dust cover slide it on to the new shop take the new not our top same procedure press compress the shock then lined up at the bottom and then you'll be compressed the shock until it fits up to what is the place that install some type stop in for both of the new shark right now now is it put the wheel back on to the same thing on the other side yourself joy ride