Fix-A-Flat Eco Friendly Aerosol

there's never a good time to get a flat tire thanks a flat is interested by driver since nineteen seventy and is now eco friendly formulated to have zero effects on our environment this new improved formula reduces hydrocarbons by nine hundred metric tons annually that's equivalent to CO two emissions approximately four hundred thousand gallons of gasoline consumed six of what is the quickest and easiest way to get you off the road when you have a flat tire two years position your vehicle so the puncture is at six o'clock check the camp for thirty seconds and then unwind the homes and tightly screw the nozzle clockwise on the tire valve once that's done we can upgrade to press the button down for the product will be activated immediately when you see the products not moving through the clear hose release the button and make sure you win this off the ground next unscrew the hose from the tire about only if the room is on the ground drive a short distance to allow your tire pressure to increase in the ceiling to spread evenly inside the tire if needed era to manufacturer recommended pressure which can be found on your door jam have the tire repaired by a professional within three days or one hundred miles whichever comes first fix a flat is the quickest and easiest way to get you off the road safely feels punctures up to a quarter inch is non flammable non toxic and non corrosive and is also tighter sensor say fix a flat has zero global warming potential just connect inflate and go