How To Install Trailer Hitch for a Toyota Prius

welcome to the installation video of the curtain one one two seven six class one trailer hitch on the two thousand ten Toyota to give you a better view of the installation we are using a live like most insulations this vehicle does not need to be elevated for the install we have to make the installation to take fifteen to thirty minutes depending on your level of expertise these are the tools necessary for the install begin by lowering the you may want to use the water mixture with a price or special the existing pulled from the remote the exact locate the tell them on the driver's side to remove the ball from the tell the accessible through the total cut out in the underbody this will not be reinstalled raise the physician by first placing the driver's side played through the total cut out in the underbody panels and against the frame room loosely attached to his on the sides of the frame using the supplied and twelve happens conical tube watchers Sam what's the passenger side plate between the frame rail and exhaust side with the supplied and twelve gold all hardware to the value specified in the back in the position and reinstall the rubber list this relation of the current one one two six seven class one trailer had on a two thousand ten Toyota thank you for watching this video now you can bring it the first name in towing products