When To Replace Your CV Axles

right walking this installment of the auto so do yourself video series your vehicle is important investment and doing all made this is a great way to protect that investment now would commonly happens to drive axle I've got one right here is a good example this the CV joints are protected by a boot when a boot fails as this one has it allows dirt and debris to enter into the joint and also the grease is of the joint will expel from the joints there's no lubrication there the debris that gets into the joint will actually damage it it'll get to the point to where the joint whether this would be an item that would be good including your periodic maintenance just look underneath the vehicle see if the boots are still in good shape didn't catch this early on you might still be able to salvage the hatch act in the joint and be able to just put a boot can on this three pack and you'll be fine but most of the time you'll see it was to this point here where it's been split long enough enough to breeze entered into the joint that is destroyed it most common symptoms of this you might hear a clicking sound you might hear a popping sound especially during a turn another step would be if you're driving down the road you might have a vibration almost like a Wheeler tires out of balance