Flat Repair Products

they hate changing tires doesn't thought of what's in your trunk scare the heck out of here we may not have to get that out of your truck after all get in the zone auto zone Hey I'm sure this is Dylan Dow front tire carrier for the number twenty two shell Pennzoil Ford fusion we want to take a minute the show if you slime and fix a flat products that can get you back on the road if you get a flat so tell me what you have here first we had the smarts spare kit which can have you back on the road in fifteen minutes no tire change necessary at the heart of the kid is the green slime tire sealant which conceal a puncture up to a quarter inch in diameter just said the ceiling to the tire it'll take care of the rest using the fibrous seal technology once you have the ceiling erupted tire with the compressor hit the road this is a great portable solution that will keep you from having to get that spare tire out of the trunk another option is to keep the can of fix a flat handy this is the fastest and safest way to get off the side of the road emergency flights are situation just connect in flight and go this should give you enough air pressure to get to a safer location and make more permanent repair next up is the slime first series ultimate tire repair kit this repair punctures on cars and trucks as well as offer tires like ATVs mowers and this may require taking the tire off but it's an easy and long term fix for punctures using the tools provided to remove the puncturing object clean out the whole insert the plug the once the plugs in re inflate the tire you're on your way to make you guys come across some strange things and tires on the track as a matter of fact we do whether it's debris from other callers trash from the fans riven chicken bones real this next product is for two tires like on bikes and trailers this is the slime classic patch kit just rip up the area around the puncture apply the glue input this patch on the whole one strand a minute or so you're ready to put it all back together get rolling I think this is my favorite but I am the tire guy yeah this cool looking product is the slime tire gauge this is something that should be in every driver's glove box regularly check your tire pressure is extremely important you're right about that on the track tire pressure can make the difference between a checkered flag and a long drive home these are all great products that can get you back on the road in no time thanks to our friends at slime and fix a flat for sending the stuff to check out you can check them out too at your neighborhood AutoZone or at AutoZone dot com get in the zone auto zone