Idemitsu Innovation Lab: 5W-30 Engine Oils for Superior Protection

Let’s face it. When you have the right protection, it’s easy to proceed with confidence. Think about when you were a kid. Did you ever go down a hot slide with shorts on? THAT’s friction. Mmm, maybe later. Now imagine that kind of friction a thousand times per minute. That’s what your engine does all the time. Pistons are pounding back and forth inside their cylinders. Without a good quality oil to protect those hot, fast-moving parts, you can see how they would quickly wear on each other, resulting in a serious failure. Idemitsu makes synthetic oil. Why? Because it resists oxidation better than conventional oil. That means that it won’t break down as easily, minimizing deposits and sludge. And what does that mean to you? Better protection for your engine for a longer period of time, more performance and better fuel economy. Lower quality conventional or blended oils include various sized molecules. The smaller molecules oxidize, or burn off, quicker. So how do you know you can trust Idemitsu? What if I told you they’ve been around since 1911? And what if I told you that you likely have some sort of Idemitsu lubricant in your vehicle already? That’s because many automakers, especially those known for their quality, install Idemitsu lubricants at the factory when they’re built. Their quality reputations are on the line. And if THEY can trust them, so can you. Idemitsu’s 5W-30 all-season engine oil features superior long-life technology to provide critical performance in higher capacity engines, including those equipped with turbochargers. Idemitsu 5W-30 is a robust formulation fortified with advanced technology additives optimized for maximum performance and engine durability. And Idemitsu 5W-30 features enhanced protection with superior polymer chemistry, which provides ultra-stable viscosity control throughout the entire life of the oil. And there you have it. Idemitsu synthetic oils provide trusted protection against wear and oxidation better than others. Now, if you’ll excuse me.


Idemitsu Synthetic 5W-30 5 Quart Engine Oil