An introduction of a line of Rein coolant hoses.

Hello again. Sean Jenkins With C. R. P. Back with an important new product announcement, Ryan Automotive is proud to announce the introduction of a line of kun hoses for the Ford Transit Connect. The transit Connect is one of the most popular vehicles for fleet service as well as for tradespeople. It offers a lot of the utility of a full sized van, but in a smaller package that's a lot easier to part and maneuver. Ryan now office eight. Cool and host Scuse for the most popular configuration off the 2010 to 2013 Transit Connect among them off the plastic pots, which are most prone to failure, like T fittings and quick connectors. Since thes hoses come from an O. E factory, they're all pre assembled and include the extra clamps needed to connect them to components such as the expansion tank, heater core and radiator. Have a question about these hoses or any other Ryan parts or kids just posted below or on the c r P automotive Facebook page? And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be among the first to learn about new videos like this one. Thanks for watching