How to Flush and Fill Coolant

Coolant or antifreeze helps remove excess heat from your engine, so the engine maintains a stable temperature. It's recommended to flush the system every 60 months in most vehicles. We'll show you basic steps to do the job on a 2008 Nissan Altima, but most vehicles follow similar steps. Consult a repair guide for vehicle specific information. Check this list to make sure you have everything you need. Check with an AutoZoner. Put in your vehicle on or consult your owner's manual or a repair guide. Park your car on any flat dry surface and install wheel chocks. Make sure it hasn't been running for at least an hour. Under the hood, inspect the radiator and hoses for any cracks or signs of leaks. Then raise your vehicle with a jack and lower it onto jack stands. Carefully press down on the radiator cap and remove it. This will allow the coolant to drain more quickly. Locate the drain plug and place the pan underneath to catch old coolant. Loosen the drain plug to allow coolant to flow. Drain the old coolant, then tightened the plug. Fill the cooling system with distilled water. Reinstall the radiator cap and run the engine for 10 minutes with the heater on max. Turn off the engine for the radiator to cool. Repeat drain procedure step one. Add radiator flush. Top off the cooling system with distilled water while the motor is running. Replace the radiator cap. Run the engine with the heater on max for 10 minutes. Allow the engine to cool. Repeat step one. Flush cooling system thoroughly with distilled water until it runs clear. Close the drain and install the required amount of coolant. An AutoZoner can get this information for you, or most coolant jugs have a ratio chart for reference. Get the chemicals, parts, and tools you need for a coolant system flush from AutoZone or Get in the Zone. AutoZone.