Common Ignition Problems

Things not running quite right with your vehicle? Feel like you're driving on a rough road or using more gas than normal? You might have an ignition problem. Usually you can identify one of two major issues. If the check engine light is on or flashing, finding the problem is easier. Auto Zones free fix finder service can help you identify the most likely part causing the issue and make a recommendation for repair. An ignition issue is likely caused by a faulty or failing ignition coil, spark plug or spark plug wire set. A failed or failing ignition coil, plug of plug wire can cause the engine to run rough or misfire. Oftentimes, replacing the failed part will correct the issue. Don't forget to gap spark plugs; use anti-seize and proper torque when installing spark plugs. See vehicle service manual for information on specific applications. Another common issue could be oil or coolant on the spark plug boot, both of which could cause a problem with the ignition system. If this happens, the spark plug tube seal, valve cover gasket or cooling system component is failing and needs to be replaced. This issue needs to be addressed immediately, as it can lead to failure of the ignition coil, spark plugs or plug wires. To help pinpoint an issue or decode a check engine light, use Auto Zones free fix finder service to help identify the most likely problem. Get in the Zone, Auto Zone!