Benefits of Loaded Struts

Eliminate the hassle of extra tools and dangerous components by upgrading to Duralast loaded struts for an easier install and a smoother ride. Loaded strut installation eliminates the dangerous step of compressing an energy loaded spring and takes less time than traditional strut replacement by allowing you to install all new parts. With a Duralast loaded strut you'll never have to compress a string. Duralast loaded struts have a new spring installed and compressed to maintain OE ride height. All the parts in Duralast loaded struts are new, new NOK seals, new hard chrome piston rod, new premium oil, new rubber dust boot, new jounce bumper to absorb noise and all new bearings and studs inside the strut mount. The entire assembly also has an electrostatic coating for optimal corrosion resistance. So when old parts come out, only new parts go back in helping lower the chance of future failures, helping restore like new ride control and improving break performance. Installing loaded struts takes significantly less time than old style strut replacement and can be done at home with hand tools. Installation is safer, simpler and results in better ride control. Inspect your suspension every 50 000 miles. If you're experiencing a bumpy ride, having trouble controlling your vehicle or having an issue, visit AutoZone or for Duralast loaded struts. Get in the zone. AutoZone.