How to Replace Shocks and Struts in a Ford F150 4x4 – 2009 to 2012

today we're going to be showing you how to install lotus drug assembly in this video we'll install these duralast loaded strut assemblies and the two thousand eleven Ford F. one fifty four by four one install shocks and the rear for complete suspension job below to trust somebody you don't have to take the assembly apart to get to the strut instead of taking an old assembly out than removing just the spring from the strike you get put in this whole new assembly that's Andrew struck out insulator does food new call spring and the strut itself in this lotus strut assembly that's all in one piece it's a faster safer and easier installed improved ride control you can do the job safely home with hand tools this job only a one one sixteenth combo reg seven eight Kamber ranch breaker bar large ratchet for ten millimeter combo reg three eight socket with the ratchet for French you can borrow this at autism through long to prepare flyers thirteen sixteens Kamaraj mallet screwdriver right just double wretch thirty millimeters deep socket you can also borrow this from one to twenty one millimeters socket fifteen millimeters socket safety gloves and goggles may also want to pick up some rest penetrant like people Astor also need a hydraulic Jack and Jack stands since this is a heavy truck were using six subjects use a hydraulic Jack to raise the vehicle slightly refer to your owner's manual for the correct position Jack the car break the lug nuts before raising the will completely raise the will of the Jack then inserted Jack stand and secure area the vehicle's front remove the lug nuts and the we'll use a screwdriver pliers to remove the clip and free the brake line from the brake line bracket novel I can move freely and we'll get damaged during installation you may want to turn the spindle to access the struck more easily spray rest penetrant on the threads of the upper control arm ball joint our tie rod to allow nuts to be removed easier now remove the outer tie rod not rated a hammer to get this look listen and remove the lower stress not leave the ball ten for now listen at or move the three upper strut mount nuts there the nuts the line the outside not the one the middle place the Jack under the lower control arm to provide some support remove the upper control arm not you may need a mallet to separate the upper control arm from sure you only have to spend remove the Jack to access the stress remove the lower for drug people remove the sway bar bush and this will allow more movement of the lower control arms of the striking come out more easily now remove the stress what out of the lower pockets and slide to talk about light at the top of the assembly and sought to match the original somewhere what's lined up install one night to hold the strident place this will allow more movement to put the bottom of the assembly in the lower pockets install the other two top strut nuts anti use the Jack to help align the lower control arm and install the lower struck people you may need a little help from the mallet to get people to play install the knot on the lower bowl and type install the upper control arm joints to this battle reinstall the nuts on the lower sway bar portion lower the Jack from the lower control type lower stress not the proper torque is three hundred fifty four pounds but if you don't have a torque wrench available autism has one in the loan program you take an extremely tight with a breaker bar it should be sufficient re attach the outer tie rod to the number re attach the brake clip on the brake line this might take a little bit of extra effort to get the click on the tabs the tyrants lightly tighten the nuts Jack up the vehicle removed the Jack stands and lower it until it's touching the ground or the vehicle completely then take a lug nuts a star pattern two hundred fifty foot pounds of torque you want to repeat this process on the other side and then moved to the rear break a leg Jack up the vehicle traversing removal Lugnuts every you can see the shock here is held in place by the two four one top and one bot remove the upper bolt first and then the local what's the bolts and shocks are removed install the new shock fit the new shock into the top now then install the toppled and not to hold a shocking place at the bottom of the shock into the bottom you may have to compress it to make it fit lined up slide in the bottom bowl and install the bottom not taking the top not tighten the bottom line reinstall the wheel then repeat on the other side and you're done