AutoZone's Loan A Tool Program

Hey guys Kevin Tate's here talking to you today about autos owns upgraded loan tool program now featuring more tools from power bill to help you get the job done right AutoZone has been the place to war specially tools for a long time they've loaned millions and millions of tools to do it yourselfers and this program has been running for more than twenty years are his own has expanded their loan into a selection with these professional quality tools and with these tools that you can tackle more jobs on more vehicles without having to pay big Bucks for one time use check it out these tools are super heavy duty just like a mechanic would have in his shop and this power bill pressure tester is top of the line so when you're having a problem with overheating you don't always have to go straight to the mechanic to diagnose this cooling system pressure test will help you figure out if you've got a leak or a problem with the coolant caps and can save you a trip to the mechanic shop but once you use it you may never need to use it again and that's why this loan to a program is so helpful at auto zone you can bore these tools for free gets the job done and then return and just like that and these new tools are better than ever for making your tough job easier take a look at this twenty three piece ball joint set this set works on more vehicles import and domestic and even has some special adapters for Chrysler models they've got a lot of new sets a tool specifically designed to fit more later model cars and imports expanding the manager jobs at auto zone can help you with your new adjustable bearing in race tool and this harmonic balancer kit which fits more than eighty percent of cars and this professional quality stress spring two that does the job faster and safer than other strut spring compresses on the market and this is only available at auto zone all of these new tools are just additions to the huge library of tools at AutoZone already has this one of the best and easiest services for a do it yourselfer and to get the tool that you want you just follow a few simple steps when you know what to you need to check with your local AutoZone to make sure they've got it in stock you can do this with a phone call to your local store or on AutoZone dot com every AutoZone carries tons of these loner tools in stock but if they don't have the one you're looking for they can requested for you and have it ready to pick up in no time leave a deposit when you pick up the tool and it's yours to use until you're done with the job when you're done just return the tool and get your deposit fully refunded and that's it with the right tool for the job you can work safely and without a lot of headaches with auto loans loan to program you get the right tool every time so you can fix your car with confidence I'm Kevin Tate's see in this out


OEM / Fan clutch wrench set for Ford 4.9L
OEM / 2 Ton 2 or 3 jaw puller
OEM / Axle puller attachment flange type
OEM / 5 lbs. 5/8 in. threads slide hammer
OEM / Front wheel drive hub puller
OEM / Valve spring compressor overhead valve
OEM / 6 lug 4WD bearing locknut socket
OEM / FWD axle puller adapter
OEM / Tie rod tool inner saginaw design
OEM / Pulley puller installer kit
OEM / Vacuum pump and gauge tester hand pump
OEM / Tubing bender
OEM / Metric double flaring tool kit
OEM / SAE double flaring tool
OEM / 2 or 3 jaw slide hammer puller attachment kit
OEM / 34 mm. 6 points axle nut socket
CST / Cooling system tester adapter
CST / Cooling system tester adapter
ACTRON / Hand vacuum pump
OEM / 2-1/8 in. to 3-7/16 in. tailpipe expander
OEM / 1-1/2 in. to 2-7/16 in. tailpipe expander
OEM / 3/4 in. to 3-1/4 in. tailpipe cutter
OEM / Steering wheel lock plate remover
OEM / 32 mm. 6 points axle nut socket
OEM / A/C clutch holding tool
OEM / A/C clutch plate removal shoe tool
OEM / Pitman arm puller for light-trucks screw type
OEM / 3/8 in. drive torque wrench
OEM / Clutch pilot bearing puller attachment
OEM / Oxygen sensor socket set
OEM / Serpentine belt tensioner tool
OEM / Front/rear disc brake pad spreader set
OEM / 45 mm. radiator adapter
OEM / Ultra violet leak locator kit with refillable dye injector
Mastercool / A/C manifold gauge set
Mastercool / A/C flush kit
OEM / A/C vacuum pump electric
OEM / 5 pcs. 7 size fan clutch wrench set
OEM / 7.4 oz. A/C vacuum pump oil
OEM / Bearing race and seal driver set
OEM / 1/2 in. drive 24 in. long breaker bar
OEM / Rear axle bearing remover set
OEM / Fuel line disconnect set
OEM / Heavy duty tubing bender
OEM / Harmonic damper pulley puller for Chrysler
OEM / Thread restoring file, tap and die kit
OEM / Harmonic balancer installer
OEM / Radiator and cap adapter set
OEM / Engine block tester
OEM / Block tester test fluid
OEM / 7 Ton 5 in. reach 7 in. dia. reversible puller
OEM / Stretch belt installation tool
OEM / Ford Triton spark plug porcelain extractor master set
OEM / Broken porcelain extractor and electrode shield removal kit
OEM / Alternator decoupler pulley service kit
OEM / Tie rod end remover screw type
OEM / Fan clutch holding tool
OEM / Dual/single piston disc brake pad spreader
OEM / Harmonic balancer puller retrofit kit for GM
OEM / GM torsion bar unloading tool
OEM / 1-5/16 in. saginaw tie rod
OEM / 1-3/16 in. saginaw tie rod
OEM / 29 mm. 6 points axle nut socket
OEM / 31 mm. 6 points axle nut socket
OEM / 35 mm. 6 points axle nut socket
OEM / Honda/Acura crankshaft damper holding tool
OEM / 5 pcs. master cam clamp kit
OEM / Compression tester gauge set
Powerbuilt / 23 pcs. ball joint/U-joint press set
Powerbuilt / Cooling system pressure
Powerbuilt / Cooling system test adapter
Powerbuilt / Tie rod/ball joint separator set pickle forks
CTA / Harmonic balancer holder
CTA / Ford camshaft alignment
CTA / Ford master cam tool
CTA / Camshaft clamp metal kit
CTA / GM water pump sprocket holder
CTA / Fan clutch wrench
CTA / Euro fan clutch wrench set
CTA / Pilot bearing puller screw type
CTA / Push puller
CTA / 4.25 in. bearing separator
CTA / CV Joint puller large
CTA / GM torsion bar large
CTA / Ford/Mazda camshaft timing kit
CTA / 2.25 in. bearing separator
CTA / VW/Audi fuel injector puller kit
OEM / A/C compresor pulley removal tool
OEM / A/C clutch hub plate remover
OEM / A/C clutch hub plate remover
OEM / A/C clutch hub Installer
OEM / A/C orifice tube tool
OEM / 2 or 3 jaw gear puller
CPS Products / 1 qt. premium vacuum pump oil
OEM / GM V6-V8 Oil Pump Primer
Powerbuilt / Clutch pilot tool set SAE/MM kit #21
Powerbuilt / Adjustable bearing race and seal driver
Powerbuilt / 7 pcs. bearing locknut kit
Powerbuilt / Bushing driver set
Powerbuilt / Harmonic balancer puller
Powerbuilt / Universal pulley puller
Powerbuilt / 4 pcs. exhaust set kit
Powerbuilt / Timing gear holder
Powerbuilt / Fan clutch wrench set
Powerbuilt / Alternator pulley remover
Powerbuilt / Budd wheel socket set
Powerbuilt / Strut coil compressor
Powerbuilt / 23 pcs. bearing remover and installer set kit for FWD
OEM / 1-3/16 in. and 1-5/16 in. inner tie rod end tool
OEM / 30 mm. 6 points axle nut socket
OEM / 36 mm. 6 points axle nut socket
OEM / Ridge reamer lathe type
OEM / Industrial timing gear pulley
OEM / Steering wheel puller set
OEM / Harmonic balancer puller
OEM / Strut spring compressor MacPherson strut
OEM / Coil spring compressor conventional
OEM / Engine cylinder hone deglazer
OEM / 1/2 in. drive adjustable click type torque wrench
OEM / Pitman arm puller screw type
OEM / Pitman arm tie rod puller screw type
OEM / 21/32 in. pickle fork opening tie rod ball joint separator
OEM / 5/16 in. pickle fork opening tie rod ball joint separator
OEM / Pitman arm wedge
OEM / Piston ring compressor
Powerbuilt / Master hub puller kit
OEM / Fuel pump replacement kit
OEM / Water pump socket
OEM / 8 pcs. 6 points axle nut socket set
OEM / 8 pcs. 12 points axle nut socket set
OEM / 29 mm. 12 points axle nut socket
OEM / 31 mm. 12 points axle nut socket
OEM / 32 mm. 12 points axle nut socket
OEM / 33 mm. 12 points axle nut socket
OEM / 34 mm. 12 points axle nut socket
OEM / 39 mm. 12 points axle nut socket
OEM / 35 mm. 12 points axle nut socket
OEM / Axle popper kit
OEM / 38 mm. 12 points axle nut socket
OEM / A/C-fuel-transmission master disconnect set
OEM / Cooling system back flush tool
OEM / Long reach harmonic balancer pulley installer
OEM / 20 Volt cordless li-ion drill
OEM / 1/2 in. 20 Volts li-ion heavy duty cordless impact wrench
OEM / Ball joint separator screw type
OEM / Master ball joint installer remover