How to Flush & Fill Your Cooling System – AutoZone How to Videos

Hey guys give a taste here you know most automotive manufacturers recommend that you flush your coolant system on regular intervals just to keep your engine running like it should so we're gonna show you how to flushing fill your anti freeze using these press on products that you can pick up at your local AutoZone store this is a relatively simple job and some you can do it about an hour now your owner's manual will tell you the cooling capacity for your vehicle don't have an owner's manual no worries your local AutoZone has all the information for cooling capacities on most vehicles and always use the manufacturer's recommendation for both cooling capacity and the type of cold as well as the service intervals any freeze is poisonous so always handle with care don't pour down the drain or out into the street and when done you can use your old jokes to bring your old coolant to the local recycling center I tap water can contain minerals and additives that can cause your internal cooling components to rust or corrode over time distilled water has no minerals so it's the best way to ensure that you've got the cleanest possible fluids running through the internal cooling systems of your vehicle distilled water is easy to get at your local grocery store and it's inexpensive so it's definitely something that we recommend out when you're flushing your system tap water is perfectly fine as long as you follow it with a final rinse with distilled water prior to adding a new cool it you've got a choice when you're buying anti freeze you can either go with a fifty fifty premix for one hundred percent anti freeze and the choice is yours either one is fine but we recommend buying the Harper said anti freeze and mixing it with distilled water that way if you live in a part of the country with an extreme range of temperature either hot or cold you can custom blend your antifreeze mix based on the demands of your environment first you want to make sure the car is been sitting for a while and it's not too hot to touch we're good and now is a great time to inspect radiator hoses and clams and make sure nothing's dry rotted or cracked if you find things that need to be replaced you can go and pick them up at your local AutoZone now you need to locate the pressure cap on the systems typically right here on the radiator take what you want to do is open that cap which lets air into the system and helps push the anti freeze out the bottom when you open up the drain port obviously we've got a car jacked up but it's just to give you a better look at what we're doing and make sure that you have safety glasses and some gloves on hand to do this job safety glasses keeps the dirt from falling in your eyes when you into the car and gloves what they just keep your hands clean because and freezes the AST most vehicles will have a drain plug or plug located at the bottom corner of the radiator you'll need to look under and behind the front bumper to find yours you might need a socket or large flooded screwdriver to remove the plug or in some cases you don't now you've got to have something to catch the old fluid from the bottom of the radiator and I recommend a bucket like this because it's opening the top and it's got a spot on it so you can easily pour the old anti freeze back into the buckets we got ours and out of with everything in place open the drain plug slowly to drain the oil fluid remember there could be at least two gallons of any pre behind here waiting to get out so just be careful and check your local laws and regulations when you're disposing of your old fluid okay with the drain plug snow the back into the radiator now we can start the flushing process with a pressed on flush plus cleaner mixed with distilled water some cars requires special Phil procedures so you might want to check your service manual for any special for procedures on your vehicle we started a car we're letting it run for a few minutes with the heater turned wide open that way the flush plus cleaner has a chance to go through all the coolant passages in scrub out all the gorgon deposits from the cooling system keep in mind do this in a well ventilated area with the garage door open or if you're doing it with the door close like we are route the exhaust outside the building we let the car run into a good good warm had a chance to run everything through the cooling system then we shut it off let it cool down for about fifteen minutes now we're gonna repeat the flushing process you may notice that the water is still dirty is so you can repeat the flushing process with tap water until what comes out runs clear we got the distilled water drained out and our drain plug back in now it's time to sell the new coolant we're going to use one of the present concentrating distilled water and make our own blend of fifty fifty there's an easy way to do this you don't have to play Mister wizard just take one year old to still water jugs port halfway up with the presto on how to proceed any freeze and by the way poor from the side so you get the right water displacement you don't get any spillage or the locking out of the top poor up to the halfway point when your empty jug all right now just the address the way up with distilled water and that gives you a consistent fifty fifty mix right now we can start the car nipple arrests that down in there the car shut off we let it sit for about fifteen minutes and now we're gonna check levels radiator's good so now I'm the fill the coolant overflow jog up to the recommended fill level we hope this video show you how easy it is to do a flushing filling your system and it'll make your car live longer I'm Kevin Tate's scenes out


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