Duralast GT Brake Pads & Rotors - Stopping Power

combining your last GT brake pads with your last few T. rotors will stop your car twenty feet faster than the same vehicle equipped with standard pads and rotors that's more than an entire Carly and that's the difference between stopping safely get into trouble and right now we're going to prove it to you right now I'm in a V. eight performance sedan equipped with the stock pads and rotors we're gonna accelerate up to sixty miles an hour do a panic break see along takes a stop let's switch to the duralast GT passenger last G. T. rotors so now we're in the same model V. eight performance and then this car is equipped with duralast GT pads in their last G. T. rotor so I know this is going to go better it made a big difference in your car may be able to hit sixty miles an hour less than five seconds but if it can't stop just as fast it doesn't mean anything look at the huge difference with the duralast GT pads and GT rotors your last GT brake pads and rotors stop you up to twenty feet sooner your last GT brake pads are constructed using carbon fiber technology which makes them incredibly durable and provides extraordinary stopping power the GT rotors are fully coated for rest prevention and the slots help create extra bike for reduced stopping distance when installed together they make superior stopping power from the tracks to the streets to police and fleets sold only at auto zone pick up some today at AutoZone dot com