Duralast GT Brake Pads & Rotors - Truck & Towing Stopping Power

we've already shown you the combining duralast GT brake pads and your last G. T. brake rotors you can stop a performance vehicle twenty feet sooner than with stock equipment now we're gonna do the same thing for something a little bit heavier of full size crew cab pickup and to make it really interesting would be full of this trait both of these crew cabs are identical trucks identical specs with identical trailers the differences my truck has duralast GT brake pads and brake rotors installed you ready let's go we're going to accelerate both trucks up to forty five miles per hour then at the first call on we're gonna aggressively apply the brakes and come to a complete stop wow now that was a hard stop but not a panic stop and we still stop that much farther behind the other truck and trailer now when you combine the carbon fiber technology the duralast GT brake pads and the excellent quality of the duralast G. T. rotors you're gonna get better bite and better temperature resistance and slick much better you're gonna stop when you repeat these steps over a long haul especially up inclines but duralast GT difference really comes through your last GT brake pads and duralast G. T. rotors stop you up to twenty feet sooner supreme safety for trucks and hauling your last GT brake pads are constructed using carbon fiber technology which makes them incredibly durable and provides extraordinary stopping power the GT rotors are fully coated for rest prevention and the slots help create extra bite for reading stopping distance and safety for towing applications sold only at auto zone pick up some today AutoZone dot com