Bosch Premium Plug Wires

if you're interested in performance and reliability think about switching up to a Bosch premium spark plug wire set we're going to take a closer look at Bosch plug wires right here right now and help you decide if they're right for your vehicle welcome to the auto zone D. I. Y. garage what has been one of the top names in electrical systems for more than a century there the company that produced the first high voltage ignition system back in nineteen oh two yeah over a hundred years ago today wash products come standard on many high end American European and Japanese cars and our first choice for a lot of do it yourselfers like us Bosch premium plug wires are incredibly reliable because they feature the latest technology the start with the kevlar reinforced core and stainless steel mag winding to deliver a harder more powerful spark did you know stainless steel mag winding eliminates radio static caused by plug wires the jackets are one hundred percent silicon on the outside to resist oil penetration within EPDM premium rubber inner liner to prevent voltage leaks and the wires are tightly crimped to the connectors to exceed original equipment standards so you don't have to worry about them coming loose if you take them on an awful lot in short this is about as good as the wires are going to find anywhere and you'll find them at auto zone so that's the story on Bosch premium spark plug wires it's always helpful to consult with someone you trust for more details on ignition wire or any other automotive subject be sure to talk to the experts at auto zone remember parts are just part of what we do