Choosing the Right Oil

your engine is only as good as your that you put in it so it's important to choose the oil that's best for the engine in your car considerations include the vehicle stage of life conditions that you drive in and the way that you drive therefore types of will to choose from conventional synthetic blend full synthetic and high mileage with seal conditioners and extra additives that extend the life of older engine components now's a good time to remind you to check your manual for details specific to your vehicle your manual will tell you the viscosity or thickness it's recommended as well as a suggested intervals between all changes conventional oil is a great economical choice for many the cars on the road today conventional %HESITATION will minimize sludge and varnish deposit caused by the combustion process too much build up %HESITATION cause loss of power and poor gas mileage it is an effective lubricant many brands contain components in the formula to reduce friction the benefits of Angela vacation or to full they reduce metal to metal where as well as keep the engine cool if you drive in mainly does free environments city highway and your manual doesn't call for synthetic or synthetic blend then this is a good choice for you for a little more protection consider a synthetic blend this is exactly what it sounds like a combination of synthetic and conventional oil and could be used in a truck that you told casually with full synthetic oil is formulated for maximum protection these oils are actually required by some manufacturers so again check your owner's manual for specific recommendations you should consider yourself a severe driver if you make frequent stops take short trips drive in a dusty environment or do a lot of towing these things put the most stress on your engine and require the most protection to prevent wear and tear full synthetic world delivers the ultimate in engine protection in all driving in performance circumstances it is superior cleaning properties better lubrication protection from friction and engine heat and performs consistently regardless of outside temperatures value wise you're gonna pay more for full synthetic but performance wise you get more to not more about high mileage oils these are great for engines once they get to seventy five thousand miles or so for several reasons engine seals become brittle over time high mileage oil contains special conditions to prevent seals from cracking and leaking as the H. these oils also have more detergent power to combat sludge buildup keeping your engine in top condition finally they have additional anti wear agents to provide extra protection for warrant or wearing parts you can mix between the different all's without any adverse effect on your engine in a pinch you can't top off using a quarter conventional synthetic or high mileage at anytime I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion around different oil choices and if you still have questions just stop me if your friendly neighborhood auto zone and let us help you find the oil that you need see in this out