Choosing the Wax Products that's right for you

hi I'm Kevin tapes with some helpful information about the many car care products that are available to you from your friends at auto zone %HESITATION could be a little overwhelming when you walk in the store and see all the choices and selections that you have when it comes to car care products so we're gonna break it down into some simple groups to help you make your choice is just a little bit easier %HESITATION noble axes been around forever and is a great product becomes a paste and liquid form but as technology changes so this car wax technology synthetic wax gives you a more brilliant shine better hydrophobic properties meaning it sheds water much faster and it's just flat out easier to use just like the carnival acts you got a choice between the paste and the liquid wax whatever your preference is the bottom line you could spend more time enjoying your car has less time waxing it spray wax is relatively new in the market and although it doesn't give you the long lasting durability of a car Nuba wax or synthetic wax it does give you a solution if you don't have time to properly go through the steps of waxing your car you can give it a white down with the spray wax and get your car looking show room ready and get back on the road a spray detailer can keep your car looking great between car washes it can be used on rubber chrome or glass and can buy you time between car washes or wax jobs keep your car looking great no you can't go wrong with any of these products and they're all available at your neighborhood AutoZone store to swing by today to pick up what you need I'm Kevin Tate's we'll see in this out