Cleaner Pistons with Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oils

hi I'm Sheena and you're watching no your oil brought to you by Pennzoil and this video will talk about the importance of clean pistons and how motor all helps maintain them pistons are one of the most difficult engine parts to keep clean because they experience both extremely hot temperatures and direct contact with buy products from combustion it's the movement of your pistons up and down which rotates the engine crankshaft which powers the transmission and drive train of your vehicle pissing cleanliness is important because it enables your engines operate more efficiently the engine is the heart of your car in for maximum performance you want to keep it free of deposits it's similar to how you want to keep your heart free of blockages so that blood can easily flow throughout your body by using Kerr plus technology pencil synthetics are able to keep a sense up to forty percent cleaner than the toughest industry standards make the switch and see for yourself