CRC Brakleen min spot

I'm gonna use, uh, some legendary break clean from CRC. I'm sure you guys use this stuff like we do. It is so good. CRC makes a bunch of rad products, and this is when they're known for such good stuff. I brought a bucket so that I can catch all the junk that I blow out of here. Let's go. Mhm looks brand new, babe. My plan is now to clean the spindle with some more bright clean. And then we'll take these pieces over and clean them so that we can pack the new bearings and get everything reassembled. Mhm. Yeah, yeah, but yeah, that's beautiful. That's spiffy spindle. Mhm. Lucky There. Super pretty. Yeah.


CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner 19oz
CRC Brakleen Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner 14oz
CRC Brakleen Non-Chlorinated VOC Brake Parts Cleaner 14oz
CRC Brakleen VOC Brake Parts Cleaner 14oz