Doing A Simple Tune-Up

doing a simple tune up is one of the easiest ways to make sure your car is running at its best and just as importantly saving money on fuel and doing one is easier than you might think so we're going to show you how to do a simple tune up yourself right here right now welcome to the auto zone D. I. Y. garage when we talk about a simple tune up we're basically talking about five things changing spark plugs ignition wires O. two sensors and Aaron cabin filters these are well within the ability of even a novice do it yourselfer ignition wires were down over time in need replacement symptoms of a Warner field wire or rough idle loss of performance and eventually a dead cylinder if it's not getting any spark at all also has a selection of wires to fit your budget and the kind of performance you're looking for when replacing ignition wires replace one at a time this prevents installing the wrong wire on the wrong plug which is something you definitely don't want to do pistons fire in a particular order and won't run right if you accidentally change the order when removing ignition wires don't pull the wire itself always pull the boot failing to do so will damage the wire and Buddhist family and you could end up having to replace a perfectly good wire some vehicles have wires and some have coiling plugs when equipped with the coil on plug ignition coils are mounted directly over the spark plugs these applications to have a spark plug boot that wears down just like a spark plug wire and need to be replaced during a tune up did you know you can make the job easier by using a spark plug boot tool that you can buy at AutoZone to pull the wires off the plugs another good tip is to use dielectric grease in the boots when installing removing plug wires to help prevent parking and help make future boot removal easier and be sure that your wires is secure and rotted away from exhaust components that takes care of plug wires let's talk about spark plugs spark plugs have a middle tipper lecture that wears down over time from heat and pressure you need to set the get prior to installation the gap is the amount of space between the center and side electrodes and it's critical to the proper operation of your engine the experts at auto zone can help you with gap information for just about any engine when a tip is worn out a common symptom is a misfire it's smart maintenance to replace the plugs with every tune up when you replace them it's a good idea to use plugs of the %HESITATION we recommended metal or better look at your owner's manual or repair manual or ask the experts at auto zone about the recommended plug in gap for your engine again AutoZone carries a complete range including the highest performance plugs available before you insert the new plugs lightly apply any sees on the threads which you can get at any auto zone it will help when it's time to replace the new plugs be careful to avoid getting any sees anywhere else but on the plug threats another part you want to replace at regular intervals is the oxygen sensor or %HESITATION to censor your vehicle may have one or more this important part helps monitor your engines of fuel air mixture and has a direct effect on both fuel economy and drive ability but over time sit and carbon in the exhaust gas clogs the sensors will come along to do its job properly when that happens your mileage will suffer you may notice a rougher idle you can even damage or destroy your catalytic converter for more information on O. two sensors see your video oxygen sensor overview deposits in your fuel system can be to rough idling engine hesitation and overall poor performance we can also reduce your fuel economy adding fuel system cleaner fuel injector cleaner or fuel treatment tear gas can remove contaminants and help performance and fuel economy you should also check your air filter every tune up and replacing it is usually an easy job the filter strains the incoming air for dirt particles that could damage your engine but just by doing its job the filter gets clogged over time and gradually becomes less effective a clogged or dirty air filter make sure engine work harder to get the air it needs to deliver maximum performance and fuel efficiency did you know two aspirin tablets worth of dirt can cause more where than seventy five thousand miles of normal driving to your engine like we said replacing the filter is usually a simple job if you need help consult your repair manual or register at AutoZone dot com to see a free repair guide many vehicles today are equipped with the cabin air filtration system and have a replaceable filter element to keep the air inside the vehicle clean and reduce the presence of pollutants and allergens your owner's manual or the experts at auto zone can tell you where it's located clean interior air is good for both driver and passengers as well as the appearance and durability of the interior surfaces like any filter cabin air filters begin to lose their effectiveness over time replace yours every time you place your air filter and for more information on air and cabin air filters see your air filter and cabin air filter overview videos on these subjects and that's how easy it is to do a simple tune up we hope this information helps when you decide to do the job yourself and remember it's always helpful to consult with someone you trust for more details on tune ups or the frequently asked questions be sure to talk to the experts at auto zone remember parts are just part of what we do