Duralast Gold Wiresets

Hey I'm Kevin taste here to talk about duralast gold premium wire sets designed to exactly replace your original equipment they're so easy to install right out of the box and they're manufactured using only the best materials like high temp jacking stainless steel spark plug terminals and high temperature heat resistant %HESITATION E. boots plus their pre assembled to include %HESITATION we hardly %HESITATION with mounting hardware or wire clips including cylinder number identification to match the application they feature a high gloss clear coat with a high temp silicone jacket to increase resistance to abrasion while providing greater protection against severe temperatures that degrade normal wires these wires as provide increased long term durability that you can depend on so when you're looking for replacement wire set that meets or exceeds the original get these at AutoZone dot com or head out your neighborhood AutoZone for duralast gold wire sets I'm Kevin tastes see you in the zone