Duralast Gold

the duralast gold batteries like the juror last has the vent cap designed to prevent loss of asset as well as selenium wells to help prevent corrosion now a good reason to step up to a duralast gold batteries is because it's engineered to deliver the maximum cold cranking amps in extreme temperatures and while using extra excess series and the reserve capacity ratings meet or exceed your vehicle's original requirements the duralast gold battery also comes with a three year warranty okay now let's look at the third in autos owns line of duralast batteries the platinum series this is the duralast platinum battery this is the best battery for vehicles with accessories that demand greater power like high input sound systems lighting kits winches or other tools this battery is also the ultimate in durability vibration resistance and cold cranking amps making it an excellent choice for dual purpose or off road vehicles the duralast platinum is an AGM or absorbent glass mat battery that this technology became popular in the early nineteen eighties as a sealed lead acid battery for military aircraft and other vehicles to improve reliability it AGM disappear Cassidy is absorbed by a very fine fiberglass mat making the battery nonce billable and able to withstand excessive vibrations the platinum is designed for maximum starting power and deep cycle capabilities deep cycle means the battery is designed to be deeply discharged and then recharged without plate damage with this battery you can have a confidence in your purchase because it's also backed by a three year warranty okay so let's run through a quick comparison of these four awesome AutoZone batteries your last an ideal replacement for the original battery that came with your car your last cold get even more power for the extreme hot and cold temperatures your last platinum for vehicles that originally came with the high performance battery optima an extreme need battery with the ultimate power and durability