E7144M on 2001-2003 Chrysler and Dodge Minivans

we're going to go through the steps of replacing the fuel pump in this two thousand two Chrysler town and country first I want to believe the pressure off the system into this by putting the pressure through %HESITATION relief about our pressure gauge always catch any field you may bleed offices dispose of properly %HESITATION now disconnect the negative matter K. one or start to repair anytime you have a battery cable is corroded before reinstalling it be sure and clean the terminal and the cable we will now have to remove the shield in order to gain access to the fuel filler hose and van lines %HESITATION disconnect the vent line and loosen the clamp on the fuel filler hose we were removed the hose as we lower the time now %HESITATION disconnect the main fuel line note that there may be some residual pressure at this point maturing capturing fuel in a safe container at this point %HESITATION ready to lower the fuel tank we have a static ground that's attached to that goes over the fuel filter didn't measure and disconnect it so we can re attached later keep in mind %HESITATION hoses still attached photos with lower we have to remove these emissions to they actually run through the frame support now that we have partially lowered will disconnect electrical connections making sure to slide the safety retainer over to the right in order to keep debris from getting into the tanks we need to clean it with mild detergent and water now that we've clean the outside of the tank need to remove the fuel lines for Terry pants type connector again we will need to remove the retainer in order to re use it on the new model remove the fuel filter fuel filter will have fuel in it and we will need to capture that it is always recommended that we replaced the fuel filter and anytime we changed a few there is no equipment fuel pump had to line fittings and a cap on the new %HESITATION text fuel pump the cap will not be any remove the tank occuring by using our non ferrous brass punk and rotating counter clockwise at the locking ring removed or move the puck mantra this is a plastic model type assembly in the lower portion of this will have fuel in it we need to be sure and safely capture that remove the tank CEO that off to the side we will not be re using that as we can see there is some contaminants built up on the strainer even if your fuel pumps Turner does not show the sign we always recommend cleaning the inside of the tie in with the pump we have a couple tanks he'll be sure and choose the appropriate one for your application slide into the tank noting the arm not been there foreman this is a spring loaded assembly as we put it in we're going to compress at spring slightly on the top **** you'll notice locating tab it will set between these two retainers on top of the time once we have the font installed now installer locking ring will have to keep a low pressure on the model simply as were compressing the spring start to walk hearing in place now we'll take our non fares brass punch in turn unlock hearing clockwise to completely install installer new fuel filter there we are ready to go back in the as we go up with the tank minute insert the vent hose through the frame port we also need to start %HESITATION fuel filler hose for installing fuel line going to the engine connect the electrical connector slide the safety retainers into position and install our tank straps hi in the hose clamp on the filler hose reinstall the mission is to and reinstall the shield around the missions to there is a static ground strap new meter and reposition it on it thanks American reconnect the negative battery cable biggest cycle to keep two to three times charges system always be sure to monitor the fuel pressure once you start the vehicle to make sure it's within vehicle specifications to remove the gauge shut the engine off and lead to pressure from the system using their pressure relief on the game making sure to cap for a fuel in a safe container