How to perform a professional-result intake cleaning all by yourself

STP Pro Series intake valve cleaner is a do it yourself solution designed to simplify the intake valve. Clean process for G D I. P. If I and turbo gasoline engines in just five easy steps, one person can achieve professional grade results. It includes an innovative continuous flow automatic dispenser, high performance P, a based aerosol formula and flexible hose with protective aluminum guide. SCP Pro Series intake valve cleaner removes harmful carbon deposits, increases horsepower, improves acceleration, reduces rough, idle help save gas and extend engine life used once a year. It helps avoid costly engine tear down and improves engine performance. You will need a screwdriver, safety glasses and gloves. Always wear protective gloves and eyewear in a well ventilated area. Start vehicle idle for approximately five minutes and then shut off. Note down the idle speed with engine off open hood and locate throttle body. Loosen plant with screwdriver and slightly pulled back the top of the boot. The throttle body is located after the engine, air filter and boot connection. On the engine side, shake can gently uncoil, hose and hang STP Pro Series intake valve cleaner above the throttle body. The hood latch is the most common location. Toe hang. Insert hose end towards the throttle plate. Keep those in place on the throttle body with protective aluminum guide, reattached the air intake moved back on the throttle body and create a tight seal. Turn the red dial all the way to the on position, then turn the blue switch to the on position. Note that the dial must terminate at I to ensure proper function. Start the engine within one minute. The high performance formula will begin to dispense in approximately one minute. Increase the engine to three times factory idle speed. Maintain three times Factory idle speed for nine minutes while the formula dispenses through the intake system. After nine minutes, shut the engine off with engine off turn blue. Switch back to the off position to shut off. Loosen air intake boot just enough to remove hose and guide from the throttle body. Reattach and re clamp. The connection. STP Pro Series intake valve cleaner is a single use product and can be disposed. Drive the vehicle for 10 to 15 minutes to in short formula exhaust from the intake system. Removing any remaining carbon building trust STP Pro Series intake valve cleaner to give your intake valves professional grade. Clean


STP Pro-Series intake valve cleaner