Griot's Orbital Polishing Pad

hi everyone Nick Rio reels garage and today we're gonna talk about three most popular six and a half inch orbital pads our fast finishing pad are correcting pad and our waxing pad all three these pads had the same premium features that are important to note first and foremost they made out of open cell reticulated phone which to you means that they're more durable and that they dissipate heat better than our competitors Pat's secondly they all have Sampraday edges which gives you increase service area on your pad facing while allowing you extra areas so that you can roll your machine over the curve panels of your car without running the risk of moving your backing plate into your paint thirdly they have thermoset bonded velcro on the back and then this is not glued to the pad is actually bonded the pad with he said that they are machine washable and again more durable lastly that micro whoops velcro that's on the back of them allows them to adapt to any velcro backing plate on any machine you may use the micro fiber fast finishing pad actually is the most aggressive of the three even though it has a soft foam interface and incredibly soft microfiber pad facing the micro fibers added length actually creates a little bit more kinetic energy or friction which translates to a more aggressive pad surface that's when paired with a complete compound it can chase of beer to moderate defects but will most likely need to be followed by more mild Polish the orange foam correcting pad is not quite as aggressive as the microfiber fast finishing pad because it lacks that microfiber facing that being said it is a medium density foam which allows you to apply a little bit more pressure via the phone itself and when paired with a product like the one step sealant which contains a mild abrasive and a synthetic wax you'll get a quick one step process it'll improve the look of your pain and leave behind a great synthetic wax the red room waxing pad is the softness of the three pads it is an incredibly low density foam that is ideal for spreading walks around is you don't need to impart any pressure with the machine when you're spreading walks out the only thing you're trying to do is spread a thin even layer around the car when paired with best of show wax you can have a beautiful wife job is going to take in no time at all here grills garage we make products for the weekend warrior all the way up to the most serious of the towers which means we've got a lot more passing liquid stopper however starting with these six products here you should be able to achieve incredible results using a machine polishing system and when you need more we've got you covered for more information on any of our pads or liquids be sure to visit grills garage dot com and as always have fun in your garage