Hawk LTS Brake Pads

Hey I'm given Tate's here to talk about hawk performance L. T. S. brake pads hawk understands the traditional car brake pad technology just doesn't cut it on today's trucks and this is especially true if you haul heavy payloads or trailers Oct performance L. T. S. brake pads are designed to dramatically improve your truck stopping power end fade resistance these brake pads are made for large break systems and engineered using technology from fleet and military applications the virtually noise free low dust and made a feral carbon friction material that delivers more braking power and fade resistance and %HESITATION we pads and the unrivaled in terms of rotor and pad where these pads are ideal for import and domestic full size trucks vans and SUVs with moderate towing and hauling duty stop putting car breaks on your truck and consider hawk performance L. T. S. brake pads and you can order a set now on AutoZone dot com I'm Kevin Tate's see when his old