How to Change Your Air Filter – AutoZone How to Videos

hi I'm Kevin dates changing your air filter is one of the easiest and fastest tasks that you can do to maintain your vehicle usually only takes a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time they always want to consult your owner's manual for component locations and filter change recommendations if you don't have the manual your neighborhood AutoZone can't look up all of that information for you not typically you want to change your air filter about every twelve months or twelve thousand miles an air filters made of thin sheets of blended fiber the trap dirt as it comes in the outside of the filter is a your theme gasket the provides a tight seal and prevents air from getting around the filter it into the air intake yes some filters have a wire mesh around them for extra support AutoZone is going to have an air filter for almost every year make and model of vehicle out there so let me show you how easy this job is you want to make sure your engine is off and cool down before you start this one air intake system pulls air in from outside of the vehicle mix it with fuel it enters the engine in your car runs an air filter is designed to intercept the dirt and debris this coming into the vehicle and keep it from going into your engine work and possibly damage components and most vehicles have a similar designed with the air box is either on the passenger side or the driver side of the vehicle and if the filter is held in place with the black box like this that is held together with screws or quips now what you under the clips for our case the screws you can get to the filter you can remove it there yeah that's kind of dirty they might see some dirt and debris inside the housing itself if you got a shot back now's a good time to get rid of that stuff so doesn't get introduced into your airstream now the new filter gets installed exactly the same way the old one came out and in our case because we saw a bunch of debris and leaves inside the filter box I went ahead and loosened off the bellows just to make sure that the whole air passage was completely clean before we put everything back together nineties pop eclipse back in place or in our case run the screws in your death this is a drop in filter for older vehicles that are carburetted this is a cold self filter the fits into later model pick ups and SUVs well that's it it is that easy and open makes it easier for you to tackle the simple maintenance so head down to your neighbourhood on his own oracle how does own dot com get the parts you need to do the job right I'm Kevin tastes see in this old