How to Change Your Cabin Air Filter – AutoZone How to Videos

hi I'm Kevin Tate's most vehicles manufactured since the nineteen nineties have a cabin air filter that you can change yourself sometimes it's as simple as a screwdriver simple hand tools and it'll only take you about fifteen minutes your owner's manual will take the location of the cabin air filter and filter change intervals and if you don't have an owner's manual what your neighborhood Arizona can help look that information up a cabin air filter is made of thin sheets of blended fiber the trap dirt and pollen is the air circulates inside your vehicle like the air filters in your hold the cabin air filter cleans the air that you breathe inside the car you might notice that your heater or your air conditioner aren't as efficient as they used to be or that there's a funky ordering your car with changing the cabin air filter can help you clear that up now most vehicle manufacturers are gonna recommend that you change your cabin air filter every twelve months or twelve thousand miles so when you change the air filter under the hood change your cabin air filter now if you live in a high dust or high pollen environment you might want to tighten up or shorten that filter change interval and keep in mind also that AutoZone has cabin air filters for almost every year make and model of vehicle so initially how easy this job is the cabin air filter is going to be one of three places either under the hood where the air enters the vehicle or under the dash like this vehicle or behind the glove box while home my it should this is what happens when you never change your cabin air filter were breathing that when you remove your filters pay attention to the direction of the air flow so you can properly replace them in this vehicle the air flows going this direction and loading the filter up on that side and these are new clean air filters and you can see clearly the flow indicator for installation that if you change in regular intervals your filters will ever get is nasty as the ones we pulled out installing the new filter is just as easy first filter just reverse the steps making sure you have the flow arrows pointing in the same direction we're home free three screws on the cover we're done all right let's see this at test that's better and it was that easy and I hope this helps you knock out there's been a routine maintenance remember to go to your neighborhood auto zone or to auto zone dot com to get the parts you need to do the job right I'm Kevin Tate's see in his own