How to Change Your Oil – AutoZone How to Videos

hi I'm Kevin Tate's changing your oil is a great way to get to know your vehicle and it's an easy job to do it only requires about forty five minutes and some simple tools you always want to consult your manual for component locations fluid requirements and capacities don't have a manual no worries your neighborhood AutoZone can look up all that information for you here's what you're gonna need a range or ratchet for the oil plug itself a final some gloves I know oil filter wrench some glasses since we're gonna be under the car some shop towels and of course the oil and the filter itself let's check out a car we want your world to be warm but not hot I've run the car for about a minute and it just makes it easier to train you want to locate the engine oil cap under the hood removing this helps your drain faster and sometimes a cap contains information on the manufactures oil great recommendation and while you're under the hood it's a really good idea to give a good visual inspection inspect your hoses belts and other fluids make sure everything's where it needs to be put it yeah depending on your vehicles clears you're probably going to need to Jack your vehicle up just make sure that you use good quality Jack stands and use recommended Jack points and always have your vehicle in park and the emergency brake on this is the oil pan of the cars at the bottom of the engine is going to be a plug on the side or the bottom that looks like this one most cars it'll take a socket or rich between thirteen and seventeen millimeter but you drain pan under here and start to loosen slowly then continue by hand so he don't drop the plug into the drain pan the oil is gonna come out fast so be sure to have gloves and protective eyewear on then you just let it will drain the drain plug out of the car give a good inspection make sure the threads are all good and that the rubber seals supple and free from cracks if you do see any cracks or damage in get a replacement seal or a complete replacement drain plug from your neighborhood autism once the oil drain you need to clean this area replace the plug turning it in by hand until a snug and then gently tighten with the ranch you want snug but not too tight when my wife down and all of the filter most vehicles have the oil filter under the engine but some might have been under the hood either way this is what you're looking for attach the filter wrench to the filter and then gently until his lips this might even be Messier than the plug so make sure your drain pan is ready clean and inspect the area and prepared for the new filter take the new filter remove any packaging and put a little bit of oil on the rubber seal or %HESITATION ring before installation now I want to install the filter by hand **** it in and tell the seal touches the engine then I'm gonna mark the filter with the marker and turn the filter three quarters to one full turn from that point what's the engine gets hot the seal will expand and lock the filter on one more white clean and that takes care things under here the car needs to be off the Jackson level to put in the new while it's pretty straightforward put your final in the Phil hole and pour in the new war if you want to make sure and put one quart lessen the manufacturer recommends this car requires seven we're gonna sell six that way you never run the risk of over filling the here's a tip if you pour the oil out of the side of the container it comes out much smoother I ran the engine for about a minute let it sit now we're gonna check the oil your dipstick is on the side of the engine typically with the yellow handle like this which want to do is pull it out wipe it clean then reinserted seated fully and then check your level yeah just like we figured because we've got six quarts in a seven quart capacity engine were about a quart low they want to pay attention to your hash marks right here that's going to show you a typical fill level we've got these dots are these holes in the dipstick to help us and it shows just like we thought the work Wardlow so gonna end of the quarter then check it again yep where the optimum fill level which for this vehicle is the middle hole in the middle of the hash marks so your vehicle might be different just check with the manufacturer's recommendations to be sure we are good to go with new high quality oil a ride and that is that the one you're done you can take your old oil and filter to neighborhood auto zone or to a local recycling center for disposal out you're gonna get good at this after doing it a couple times and it should only take about a half an hour I'm candidates see in his own