How to Choose a Ball Mount

there are many different available sizes of trailer balls in ball mounts on the market so simply walking into your local car dealer in picking the first one you see isn't always going to be your best option there are three things you need to consider when selecting a bomb on how much weight you're gonna be telling what size receiver to the trailer hitch has finally how much rise or drop is needed to provide a level and save towing seven to determine the amount of weight that you're going to be telling you can look at the weight rating played in your trailer for trailer isn't equipped with a weight ratings plate you can take it to a certified scale archer weighed in at twenty five hundred pounds this that we have on this vehicle is a class five Exeter trailer hitch careful handling fifteen thousand pounds it also has a two inch receiver to which lets us know that we had a ball mount with a two inch shank no need to determine how much rise or drop is needed to write a level and save towing set up to do this we need a receiver height measurements take the measurements from the ground to the top inside and to the receiver to a resident here is twenty one point seven five inches neck measurement we need is a couple of hi this is the hand level the trailer Jack level of the trailer then take the measurements from the ground to the bottom of the coupler %HESITATION measurement here is fifteen and a half inches now that we have both her measurements we need some tractor receiver height from a couple of high if that number is negative that'll see how much dropping you if that number is positive that will show you how much rise we take a couple height of fifteen and a half inches in some tractor Seaver height of twenty one and three quarters inches leaving us with a negative six point two five roadmap to the nears number neck is this negative six inches this lets us know that we need a ball mount with a six inch drop another review German how much drop we need we can move on to selecting the trailer ball typically cover manufactures will stamp or label the correct ball size of the designed to work with right on the coupler itself if you ever find a trailer ball the couple's design work with doesn't fit don't panic most couples are adjustable simply adjusting the couple will do the trick to do this simply tighten or loosen the just meant not located underneath the couple the boss are specified for trailer here's two inches but that's not the only important part of selecting a trailer the Sheik diameters just import we make sure that the shape diameter of the trailer ball matches the whole size of the bomb three find a bomber capable of handling the gross trailer weight of twenty five hundred pounds a drop of six senses a two in shape the trailer balls with the shape diameter the mess the whole size in the bomb it's important to note that we can or totora Los capacity component rating for towing set up so even though we have a trailer hitch capable of fifteen thousand pounds a bomber raid at seventy five hundred pounds our maximum towing capacity is six thousand pounds due to the rating of the trailer having a level towing set up is important if your pharmacist to low this can take the weight off the front of your vehicle resulting in poor braking steering condition if it's set too high it will displace the weight behind a trailer axles resulting in trailer sway that's why it's so important to have a safe level Torrance at thank you for taking the time to learn how to select the correct wall mount and trailer ball for your towing set up you like more information on telling please visit us at Kermit G. dot com the first name in towing products