How to Install in-tank electric Fuel Pump E3902

we're now going to show you the steps required to install this their text to accompany the singers when they're sending in assembly we have fuel strainer the fuel pump we have our close it connects the fuel pump to the hangar simply comes up throughout the pressure going to the engine here's your return line coming back from the Indy there are low armed and cinder someone a wiring harness a small emissions pose a large image first we were move electrical connector we were moving discard the strainer off the bottom the assembly or move the retaining clips of the codes these will not be push the pump up to remove it lower bracket slide the out of the host the phone the new year text fuel pump from the box a hardware packet sorted instruction sheets in the hard work it was a fuel pump you have to page type fuel line clamps select the fuel line Tanner isolator for the bomb the coupons with two tanks heroes we need to be sure and match the correct tanks sealed for your application there also electrical connections and wire these will not be used on all applications if you find that your electrical connection fuel pump is damaged it would require a new artist repair kit which is available through our techs products to install this pump into this hair some loose all along we would take our clamps install on to the fuel line on the fuel pump there is a protective boot on the inland side of your phone he removed slide fuel pump in there are a few votes now we will take the isolator install it on to the bottom of your phone full of fuel pump up lightly installed into the hangar by the fuel line down to work sets from public view both clamps **** pinch type plants start them together a fair fires completely installed re attach our electrical connector be sure and route the warring where it does not interfere with the flow unit star in new pair text you'll strainer when you install the fuel sterilization for it does not interfere with the plug assembly this is a press fifth president of all the phone now we're ready to install a fuel pump hanger back into the time