How To Restore Your Headlight Lens

so you've got her lasers aggression faded Karen milky looking rather than clear not good you know what's happening UV rays they're the number one reason your headlights can become a dangerous problem for you and everyone else on the road and this is how to fix it Sylvania headlight restoration kit will do more than remove thousands of miles away and tear in years of UV damage election restore your headlights to like new condition before we get started couple tips don't try to restore your headlights if it's below freezing outside make sure the headlights been washed and dried also be sure you have some clean water available either a bucket spray bottle %HESITATION hose will work fine %HESITATION you probably won't have a pair of scissors and some paper towels or a clean cloth handy to the kid has everything you need the first to do this tape off the areas around the headlight you'll make your life a whole lot easier to open up the hood right taping is done just for protection key to stray too far with the San I usually like to use one for the top one piece for the bottom and one piece for each side good to go after making sure the headlights completely dry take the service activator he spread for the entire headlights just to remove the yellow cloudy stands and soften the original hard give the service activity %HESITATION thirty seconds or so to work and then just rinse it off now you're ready to start small enough discretion faded had like with the three different types of sandpaper first with the four hundred grit which one do you wanna wet both the San paper and re wet the headlight is is the wet sanding process you want to send the entire headlights not too hard nice and smooth in circular motions in some spots like the corners late need a back and forth motion and you Sam water starts to get cloudy when you think you're done run your fingers are crossed the headlight king for rest but if you find one you said a million then you dry the lens is make sure you have a uniform white hazy appearance their piece of cake next we rants and move on to the thousand grit sandpaper we're refining the surface here instead we smother getting it back to like new condition museum more pressure now good for two to five minutes and then rinse again and then with firm pressure will give it a final sanding with the two thousand great favor again two to five minutes and then ran to get now the sanding process is complete and you have got a really smooth head like we're gonna make even smoother with the clarifying compound which is a very fine Polish for about a quarter sized dollop on one of the way tells we had a request the headlights and apply it you can play the compound just like you would car wax for the entire head late using a firm pressure then when you're ready just rinse Dr headlight and again it should be uniformly wait and hazy by this point you've done ninety percent of the work but the best part is yet to come next we repeat step one the service activator spread over the entire headlights and wait thirty seconds then rinse it off completely and remove the tape next with the other way tell supplied in the kit everything is bone dry even the crevices around the headlight then run to step three the UV clear coat the real magic I'm wearing the vinyl glove they give to protect my hand they also give you a blue lint free cloth to use an applicator you'll play UV clear coat under the full that it and what the folder age completely with the UV clear coat it'll work just like a paint brush then wipe it on with CMOS strokes from one side to another working on top to bottom remember that old head lay before we started well watches we apply the clear coat in your new headlight comes into view overlap your strokes slightly stopping for a few seconds to keep to tell what with the clear coat is okay coat the Hadley completely and don't repeat it's done if you haven't missed a spot just go back and gently touched up but do it immediately could this before after comparison amazing one last tip but the clear could drive an hour before touching it it may take four to six hours to fully cure so try to avoid driving for a few hours and that's all there is to it to get your car the shooting get started and if you like the way it works in your headlights it'll work just as well your brake lights or your motor motorcycle windshield just about any plastic or acrylic surface looks like its seen better days