How To Save Gas

gasoline is no longer the inexpensive fuel it once was and high gas prices can put a strain on the family budget the good news is that today's cars get better gas mileage than yesterday's but that efficiency will diminish if maintenance items are neglected let's have a look at some easy ways to save gas right here right now welcome to the auto zone D. I. Y. garage fuel economy is affected by many things including how freely the vehicle rolls how will the fuel system operates and how completely the ignition system burns the fuel and with today's cars if the computer control system the manages engine operation goes on the Fritz fuel economy can go down the drain most of these systems can be kept up to spec and working correctly to good maintenance so it stands to reason that handling those maintenance chores at the prescribed intervals can help you ring more miles per gallon out of every gallon of gasoline but from among all the factors that affect fuel economy there are three areas where it's easy to achieve gains as easy as one two three tune up fuel system treatment and tire pressure the three keys to better mileage with today's high energy ignition systems spark plugs last a lot longer than they once did but they won't keep working well forever warm plugs on the latest computer controlled engines are usually not the direct cause of a loss of fuel economy because as the plugs electrode gap increases the ignition system compensates with more voltage to keep bar in the plug but increased voltage can cause spark plug wires or coil on plug units to overload and fail resulting in an immediate loss of fuel efficiency vehicle manufacturers sometimes recommend long spark plug maintenance intervals for their automobiles depending on the type of plug installed at the factory the recommended replacement intervals might be as long as one hundred thousand miles or shores thirty thousand miles older pre nineteen seventy five cars with contact point ignition are another story for these vehicles Warner found spark plugs are primary because of poor fuel efficiency because even a small problem in the electoral gap with a spark occurs can cause misfire since voltages minimal plug should be replaced at ten thousand miles in these classic vehicles and all those on expert can provide the right spark plugs for your vehicle did you know a car that's running smoothly may still be wasting fuel a faulty oxygen sensor can cause a serious loss of fuel economy as much as forty percent in some vehicles that's because without the oxygen sensor signal the engine computer can't accurately control fuel mixture in some cases the car was seem to be running just fine with the failed sensor but your expensive gasoline will be burning in the catalytic converter rather than in the engine expensive converter damage can result and your car was spew pollutants changing the oxygen sensor at recommended intervals is part of good mates check your vehicle service manual for the recommended replacement interval and watch the oxygen sensor replacement video in the autos on video library for more information thirty filters can cause a loss of fuel economy on older cars without engine management computers on your cars they can cause a loss of parent pep so replaced only gin filters at the vehicle manufacturers recommended intervals contaminants in the fuel system affect vehicle performance and could lead to a loss of engine efficiency to help your fuel system stay clean and lubricated use the fuel system treatment on a regular basis for more information see the fuel treatment video in the autism video library rolling resistance and friction at the wheels are common causes of lost efficiency and poor fuel economy when tires are inflated to the correct pressure the contact patch expands and friction between tire and road increases to check tire pressure accurately you should have a gaze like this one from AutoZone Martin one PSI increments it can accurately measure tire pressure check your tires at least once a week and keep them at the high end of the manufacturer's specifications on most vehicles recommended tire pressures are listed on the sticker on the driver's side door jamb in the glove box or your owner manual don't have fled to the specs printed on the tires they may not be right for your vehicle remember also that the manufactures inflation specification is for cold tires so make sure you check tire air pressure before you drive the car other obstacles to good fuel economy include dragging breaks and bad wheel bearings or CV joints if you hear a noise down under when driving you might have a failing drive line part that could affect fuel economy break drag can be the result of incorrect adjustment on cars with drum brakes or stuck valves and broken or lose components on cars with this breaks the best way to check for break drag is with the car raised and on Jack stands while your cars drive wheels will always be somewhat hard to turn scraping noises that you hear when manually turning a wheel on a race vehicle or an indication of break drag or appearing problem that completes our discussion the fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance we hope this information helps you maintain your vehicle correctly and save at the pump for more help with vehicle maintenance or any other automotive service topic be sure to talk to the experts at auto zone get in the zone auto zone