Informational/usage video for AG233 & AG402

jews A. C. Avalanche for the most accurate A. C. Recharge. Only A. C. Avalanche has smart technology. The new wireless enabled smart ship temperature gauge pairs with the A. C. Avalanche recharge assistant app to guide you step by step through the recharge process. Why smart technology as cars have evolved so have their A. C. Systems with a traditional pressure gauge alone. Some cars can be easily over or under charged, leading to system damage and expensive repairs. A. C. Avalanche hold our 12 34 Y. F. With new smart chip technology monitors both temperature and humidity to ensure an accurate Phil and prevent overcharging. To use the smart chip, download and launch the A. C. Recharge assistant. Act step one, activate the smart chip, removed the battery pull tab and slide the power switch to the on position. You'll see a red led light flashed through a small hole on the back step to pair the smart chip with your phone. This should happen automatically and can take up to 20 seconds. The recharge assistant app will indicate pairing Complete Step three, calculate the optimum fill temperature. Hold the smart chip outside of the vehicle and out of direct sunlight for several minutes. Touch the orange button to take a reading of the outside, ambient air temperature and humidity. This reading calculates the optimum vent temperature for your system. Once the button turns green and you see the temperature reading on the screen. Touch. Next step four place the smart chip in the center air event, then start the engine and set the vehicle access controls to max cold and max airflow. Now exit the vehicle with all doors and windows closed. Touch next and allow the A. C. System to run for several minutes. Add a C. Avalanche refrigerant to the A. C. System and refer to your smartphone for optimal filled indicators. Be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves and follow the instructions on the can. The app will show you the current inside air temperature as well as the optimum temperature range you're trying to reach. The app will instruct you to add refrigerant, Shake the can well locate the low side service port, connect the gas lock coupler and rotate the knob to the open position. Pull the trigger to begin adding refrigerant while continually sweeping the can between the 12 o'clock and three o'clock position. The temperature gauge should begin to drop, continue adding refrigerant until the orange bar turns green indicating correct. Refrigerant filled at that point. Stop recharging, close the gas lock, disconnect your recharge hose from the service port and replace the plastic cap. Make sure to hold onto the smart chip and trigger assembly because they are reusable A. C. Avalanche the smart choice for the most accurate A. C. Recharge