Innova Digital Multimeters

if you're looking for a high quality affordably priced multi meter look no further than the inova line of multi meters for over twenty years we've been producing tools with features and functions for the automotive enthusiast all the way to professional A. Essie technicians the inova family of multimeters all provide ten Magome circuitry which prevents damage to sensitive electronics they all include test leads and holders as well as an easy slip through straps for hands free testing they are fully UL listed for safety and quality and include instructions in either English Spanish or French these personal home and auto electrical testers are bold versatile and affordable and can be safely and accurately used to trouble shoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems they can be easily used around the house on outlets uses wiring general purpose batteries and electronic copies while on the car they can be used on circuits uses wiring the vehicle battery and charging systems electrical components and more are thirty three hundred is an entry level multi meter and a must have for every basic tune up kit this is the perfect tool for the general automotive enthusiast who wants to get the basic features and functions of a multi meter the thirty three twenty features auto ranging scales which eliminates the need to dial in the correct range when making electronic measurements that also includes color coded LEDs to quickly check regular household batteries green equals good yellow equals weak and ready cools replace it also features a large digital display a single setting resistance function for AC and DC voltage along with protective rubber corner guards for drop protection for thirty three forty is the pro's choice for a high quality multimeter that have all the features and functions you need to get the job done it comes with everything on the thirty three twenty but adds a host of professional features like a temperature probe that measures of both Fahrenheit and Celsius and inductive clamp to measure vehicle RPM Andy Kerr in case for storage testing alternator diodes duty cycle solenoids breaker points wiring switches and more is now easier than ever with a thirty three forty that also features an automatic zero adjustment reverse polarity protection and min and Max hold buttons to save retrieve data all in all the multi meters come with the cables and accessories you need to get the job done whether it be around the house or your vehicle they come with a one year warranty and are supported by and all a S. C. certified technician staff via the internet or toll free phone from six AM to six PM six days a week