Install Fuel Pump E3943M in a 1997 Chevy Blazer

they were gonna go through the steps in order to replace the fuel pump and its two thousand Chevrolet S. ten before we begin the fuel pump removal need to believe the pressure on the system using pressure relief valve on the pressure gauge making sure to capture any fuel made right now into say %HESITATION also want to disconnect the negative battery cable in order to do a proper fuel pump replacement we need to clean the inside of the tank and that will require the removal first remove the plastic shield loosen the host plant for the filler to have an event to your move these as you lower to remove the front strap bracket from different you will have to undo the strap bowl from this practice disconnect the rear tank stress when we have the tank at this level we can disconnect the fuel with a tank in this position we can disconnect the emission lines and electrical connection with everything disconnected we can now remove the tank from under the be sure to clean the outside of the tank before removing the fuel pump modul this will help keep the dirt from getting into the tank well now remove the fuel lines from the model assembly and removes the retainer clip and reinstall retainer clips into the fuel remove the fuel pump retainer ring this is a snap ring stop always affect ally hearing making sure it is suitable for reinstallation we can now remove the model from the tank keep in mind there is a resort the bottom of the modules hold residual fuel featuring capture this site contains at this point we need to drain the remaining fuel into safe container and then clean the inside of the time will make sure thank as clean as possible allowing clean environment now remove the new air text your phone model package with the new air text fuel pump module you receive a tank seal also a GM wiring connector that may be used in some applique will remove the forearm from the fuel pump module reserve or be sure to remove the red protective cap from the end of the forearm before installing an innocent install the forearm into center simply tell you here click before installing new hair texture open model in the tank need install it thanks up on to the modules when installed in their text fuel pump module in the tank note to locating notch on the top of the tank and locating tab on the plains of the phone with the coupon Madre fully seated into the tank we can now say install a locking easier to start a long hearing and work your way around making sure that the law hearing is placed into the retainer tab on the time install the fuel lines on the models and for ease of installation will remove the fuel line retainer clips from the lines on the vehicle installment in the in the fuel line but the installation air texture open longer we can reinstall the tank in the movie when raising the tank be sure that the filler hose and meant line our work over the top of the frame with the fuel tank in this position we can reconnect electrical connections and reinstall the fuel with a tank in position to make sure that your Feller invent hoses are worked into position on to the to the thankfully range will install the rear straps name it lose at this point until we get the front strap installed into position with both straps in place we can now tighten the straps and also tighten the strap bracket to the Perrin we will install in front shield on the tank we will need to re position the fuel filler hose invent hose under their fittings we can now reconnect the negative matter came cycle the key two to three times in order to charge the fuel system will start the vehicle montre fuel pressure making sure it's within vehicle to remove the gauge shut the engine off and lead to pressure from the system using their pressure relief on the game making sure to cap for a fuel in a safe container