J-B Weld How To Video ClearWeld

don't Blewitt JB willed it. Hi, I'm John. Clear Welders. JB welds Clearest and most versatile epoxy adhesive. When strength really matters clear. Weld is a two part epoxy that comes in a resealable syringe along with the mixing tray. Make sure the surfaces clean. Apply clear well to both sides of the repair service with the stirring stick. Recap the syringe for next use clear Well, it is easy to use on just about any surface. It's great for projects around the house, in the garage and in the craft room. Clear World sets in about five minutes and cures clear in about an hour. When you need a permanent repair that can't be seen clear. Weld is your best solution. JB Weld World's strongest bond


J-B Weld Clearweld 5 Minute Epoxy Compound