J-B Weld How To Video Twin Tube Epoxy

don't Blewitt. JB willed it. Hi, I'm Tyson J B. Wells Twin Tubes, RJB Walls, Original epoxy adhesives. They work on just about any surface when strength really matters. JB Weld Original Twin Tube is a two part epoxy that comes in two separate tubes. Yeah, make sure the surfaces clean. Apply JB Weld epoxy mixture to both sides of the repair surface with the stirring stick. JB Weld Original Twin tube sets in about six hours and fully cures in about 24 hours. This repair is now done. Let dry and recap the tubes for next use. Original Twin Tube is easy to use on just about any surface, and it's great for projects around the house in the garage and crafter when strength really matters, Use JB Weld Original Twin Tube. Our most popular epoxy adhesive. JB Weld World's strongest bond


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