J-B Weld How To Video WaterWeld

don't Blewitt. JB willed it. Hi, I'm boy water. Well is JB Weld waterproof epoxy putty. When strength really matters, Water wells is an epoxy putty that comes in a stick. Just cut, need and apply water. Weld is easy to use to seal and repair just about any hard, wet surface, and it's great for projects around the house, in the garage and marina. Water. Weld sets in about 25 minutes and cures in about an hour. Even underwater. Apply water well to the repair surface. Recap the petty tube for next use. This repair is now done. Water Weld is a versatile epoxy putty that's strong and permanent. Thanks for watching. Learn more at JB well dot com Jamie Weld, World's strongest bond


J-B Weld Water Weld Epoxy Compound