all right let's talk about optima there are two variations that take battery engineering to the extreme the optima red top and the optima yellow top these two batteries are built for maximum insurance with a very high tolerance for impact and vibration these batteries will resist extreme temperatures that would stop a standard battery in its tracks both yellow and red are also AGM batteries but there are a few differences the red top has the ultimate in cold cranking amps starting power it's designed to deliver the strongest five second ignition power for reliable start every time with its extreme resistance it's ideal for SUV's off road vehicles and hot rods and it comes with a three year warranty the optima yellow top is similar to the duralast platinum along with being an AGM battery it is ideal for vehicles with power draining accessories the yellow top has premium cranking power and unparalleled cycling or recharging capabilities and can repeatedly bounce back from deep power drains the full energy capacity okay so let's run through a quick comparison of these four awesome AutoZone batteries your last an ideal replacement for the original battery that came with your car your last cold get even more power for the extreme hot and cold temperatures your last platinum for vehicles that originally came with the high performance battery optima an extreme need battery with the ultimate power and durability