Power Inverters.

you might not think of your vehicle's engine as a power source for a variety of small electrical appliances but it can be with the increasing use of electronic games laptop computers and other recreational devices and automobiles a power source becomes important feature of a modern vehicle the means of supplying power from your vehicle's engine to the electronic devices being used in the backseat is the power inverter our inverters come in different sizes and formats and can provide either AC or DC current besides powering electronic devices in your vehicle inverters can turn your vehicle into a temporary source of power for lighting and appliances in your home in the event of a power outage we're going to look at power inverters right here right now to help you choose the one that's best for the job he'd like to do welcome to the auto zone D. I. Y. garage an inverter changes your vehicle's twelve volt DC power into the conventional one hundred and ten volt AC power that operates a laptop computer game as well as the appliances in your kitchen in the event of a power failure inverters for home appliances in the event of an emergency are bigger than the light weight units used to power devices used while traveling in your vehicle we're going to discuss the lightweight inverters first as their use is more of an everyday affair as more and more passengers particularly children are using devices that require AC power to operate this small inverters use for devices operating in your vehicle are as simple to operate as inserting a plug into the socket of a cigarette lighter and drying constant power from electricity that runs the engine these inverters are lightweight easy to operate and easy to store they can be found in most automotive supply stores in the case of an emergency power loss in your home I have your grade inverter can turn your vehicle into a stationary power source that will power many of the appliances in your house in particular providing lighting depending on the size of the inverter you buy an inverter can power anything from ordinary life falls to a refrigerator a computer a TV set power tools and even a microwave did you know to drop power for your home appliances from your vehicle all you need to do is connect the error to the twelve volt battery in your vehicle it isn't necessary for the vehicle to be running for the battery to put out electricity to run appliances but you should be aware that the battery without the engine running will have a relatively short life of running appliances what's more important to keep in mind is that if you use the vehicle as a power source safety precautions must be taken to assure that the exhaust from the parked vehicle does not pose a hazard by building up in a closed area additionally consideration should be given to the possibility that keeping the engine running for long periods at an idol could produce dangerous over heating the simple way to use the inverter for emergency power is to use a car battery with the vehicle running an extension cord running into the house allowing you to plug in electrical appliances converting your vehicle into a temporary power generator for your house can be as simple as plugging an adapter into the cigarette lighter socket and running a cable with a female plug from the socket into your house when the power is drawn for household appliances without the engine running the charge in the battery will keep the lights on and power small appliances until the battery charge is used at that time will vary depending on the electrical load placed on it but typical run times within on charge battery will vary from forty five to ninety minutes AutoZone offers a full line of inverters to suit your needs from a contact one hundred thirty watt inverter that you can use in your vehicle for powering small electronic devices to a two thousand watt inverter that can power a microwave refrigerator and other high energy consumption appliances the ways you hook up an inverter depend on what size inverter you purchase the smallest unit the one hundred thirty watt inverter can be plugged directly into your vehicle's lighter socket this unit can be used while traveling for passengers to power portable computers and other electronic devices before hundred and seven hundred forty watt inverters come with cables that can be plant directly to the battery and the one thousand watt inverter comes with a four gauge battery cable with ring terminal and for permanent installation though it's always wise to be concerned about safety when using any electrical appliances or external power chords inverters feature a list of safety features these include a low voltage alarm a low voltage shut off and over bolted shut off and an over temperature shut off they also include an overload over current shut off as well as a short circuit shut off for operational safety in the case of home generating power place the inverter on a reasonably flat surface either horizontal or vertical if the inverter is permanently mounted it should not be installed in the vehicle's engine compartment the inverter should be kept dry and away from sources of heat it should also be well ventilated and never use their flammable materials in choosing the size of inverter to buy consider what you wanted to power the power consumption of any appliance is listed in what's somewhere on the product most likely in the event of a power outage you'll want to use an inverter to power a number of appliances example might be that you'd want to power a computer with a seventeen inch monitor some lights and a radio here's the way the power consumption would work out computer three hundred watts two sixty watt lights one hundred twenty watts radio ten what's the total what is needed would be four hundred and thirty watts which would require a five hundred watt inverter add more appliances and the power demand climbs T. V. eight three hundred watts refrigerator three hundred and eighty to seven hundred eighty watts to use a TV wall the refrigerator's running the only a one thousand watt inverter or larger the really power hungry appliances like a clothes dryer five thousand watts is beyond the capacity of the inverters we're talking about the last question you may have about hooking up and using inverters is how far is it safe to run a cable from the battery to the source the maximum length recommended is ten feet and the shorter the better when connecting the inverter to the battery use the thickest wire available in the shortest length practical so that's the story on using inverters to provide temporary power for running electronic devices in your vehicle and as emergency power for appliances in your home we hope this information helps when you decide to shop for an inverter and remember it's always helpful to consult with someone you trust for more details on ignition wires or any other automotive subjects be sure to talk to the experts at auto zone remember parts are just part of what we do