Heavy Duty Pro-Strength Degreaser

Hi there, Emily and Flying Sparks Garage here and today I am going to be using some of CRCS pro strength de greaser. I can't wait for you guys to see how well this stuff works. Let's get to it. Top applications for our pro strength degrees or include vehicles and painted surfaces. Other applications include automotive parts, exteriors and interiors, maintenance equipment, chrome and stainless steel and metallic parts. The water based formula is aggressive enough to break down and dissolve grease, grime, oil and rubber marks. Yet it's safe on paints and plastics. It has no odor. You don't have to rinse it, and it leaves no residue. I hope you were as impressed as I was as to how strong yet gentle. This degrees er is melted away grease yet left my paint just as good as before it got covered in grease. What a fantastic product. CRC. Way to go. Thanks for watching. We'll see you all next time


CRC Heavy Duty Pro-Strength Degreaser 20 oz.