QD Electronic Cleaner-b

Yeah. Debris, dust, flux, oil grease and corrosion build up on electrical contacts and can lead to contact failure and malfunction. The problems show up as electrical contacts, sticking or welding, overheating of contacts, shorting excess current or voltage and overall poor performance. Q D Electronic cleaner from CRC Industries is a precision cleaner for your sensitive electronic equipment and parts like circuits and computer components, and it improves the electrical connections in your vehicle. It's plastic safe dries quickly and leaves no residue. The engine should be off and make sure the power supply to the component or contact is disconnected. First, remove any corrosion or oxide formation on the area with an abrasive cloth or wire brush, then spray small amounts on areas to be clean again. C R C Q. D. Electronic cleaner is safe on plastics, so you don't need to worry about any over spray harming plastic housings or parts near the area. You can use a cotton swab or lint free cloth to clean. Stubborn areas. Allow the product to dry thoroughly. This will happen quickly. You C R C Q D. Electronic cleaner to clean electronic equipment, ignition systems, contacts and connectors such as spark plugs, tool battery connections, circuit breakers, relays, switches, thermostats, light sockets and power receptacles.


CRC QD Electronic Cleaner 11oz