How to handle power steering reservoir issues?

when you're working on a vehicle's power steering system, where they just change in the fluid or change in the pump, Iraq or hose, We highly recommend you also swap out of Paris during Reservoir. If it contains an internal filter. Find out why in this week's episode of Inside Hi Everybody, I'm Alex Gucci, product manager for C. R P, on a motive. The reason we wanted to get the word out about replacing the reservoir during the steering system service is that many vehicles, such as BMW Porsche, many contained an internal filter. These filter standing a clogged and can start the pump of fluid. So, as you can see, we have a Paris doing reservoir on the inside. This little light thing is the filter, these two filters, the ones contained in many BMW many reservoirs. This one is new, and you can see that is very light and the best screen is very clean. This one is from a vehicle that at 115,000 miles on it, and it's up to date with all the vehicle service is. As you can see, there's quite a buildup of particles that the filter has trapped the buildup can clock the filter and start the pump of fluid, which can cause the pumps bearing to seize, leading to a fair and loss of Paris during. If the pump is driven by a belt, it's going to shred as well. And if that's not bad enough, you're going to end up with metal shavings in the system that would cause other components to fail down the road. The filter in these Paris during reservoirs is not serviceable, so the whole reservoir needs to be replaced. We now stock replacement reservoirs for BMW, and many applications run out of motors reservoirs made with virgin. Plus it can have no re grind, so they're going to withstand the harsh engine bay environment much better than some of the competitive products out there. Changing the reservoir in the fluid in this vehicle is cheap insurance to make sure that the system operates properly from many miles to come. Obviously, we recommend the Rhine automotive reservoirs and floating recommend using the correct application specific Prentiss and fluid or other proof Paris steering fluid for your vehicle in the case where your vehicle does not have a filter in the steering system, the most recent acquisition, A E developed the Magna Ex filter, which can be installed in the return line of the system. The magnet ex filter used a magnet and a high particulate filter to trap particles and to keep them from flowing through the system, which will reduce the possibility of future component failures. Form or information about these parts, is it. Show me the parts dot com slash c R P and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We put out new videos every other Wednesday. See you next time.


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