Replacement of the Ball Pivot Backing Plate and Mirror

Berko is the after market leader in providing quality products and solutions for broken side view mirrors. The following video equips you with easy to use instructions for installing your Berko replacement mirror. Berko is ready. Set go mirror replacements are an ideal choice. If you're backing, plate is broken or missing. Ready set Go mirror replacements. Eliminate the need to remove broken glass, making for a quick and easy install. Reference the installed code on your ready set. Go back replacing a damaged side view mirror can be performed in six easy steps using Berko Ready set go replacement mirrors Ready set go mirror replacements are complete with a pre applied motor mount. The backing plate shown in this installation may not be an exact match to yours. However. The installation techniques are the same. You will need these tools to install your Berko mirror replacement. Please follow industry accepted recommendations for personal safety. Place a towel on the edge of the mirror head to protect the vehicle. Manually pivot the mirror by applying pressure to the lower and side portions of the mirror. Insert the screwdriver or putty knife behind the backing plate and carefully pry off all pivots from their sockets, using care not to damage the pins. Twist each actuator pin counterclockwise to remove from the motor head. If the original mirror is a heated mirror, disconnect wires from your mirrors. Heating element. If applicable, auto dimming wires may have to be disconnected or clipped and capped. Berko Mirror replacements Do not auto dim. If applicable, reconnect heating wires to the mirrors. Terminal leads test functionalities before proceeding to the next step. Snap each actuator pivot pin into its corresponding socket. It requires a good amount of pressure to snap these in. Place the ready set. Go assembly into the mirror head while setting each pin into its original location. Snap the main ball, pivot into the main socket by applying gentle, even pressure to the center of the ready set. Go mirror to test mobility. Tilt mirror side to side and up and down. Clean the installed ready set. Go mirror replacement with glass cleaner. For additional information, visit Berko Inc dot com


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Burco Mirror Replacement Glass 4271RSG
Burco Mirror Replacement Glass 5345RSG